Welcome to the future of Venture development and investments.

We strongly believe that there is money to be made with a good idea, either its a million dollar idea or a thousand dollar idea. We wish to handle as many projects as possible together with you.
Our business idea comes down to pre-made projects, companies or products to clients wanting assistance to place their capital in good projects for business owners needing help and assistance in moving forward.
We offer a range of products, from board member position to broker agents for sales.     Whatever your needs may be, we want to be there for you, as your local partner in the business.

From being a partner you can talk out with to a strategic development on moving you and your company to the next level.
Our fees go from «no cure no pay» to a monthly fee for services we agree upon.
All clients with us feel safe, always every time. We sign NDA and other paperwork pre-engagement so we can play alongside with you openly and safely.  This will give you as our client the most bang for your buck and we can go straight to the point.

But don`t be afraid to ask us. All our projects and new clients have a grace period before we say yes or no to a project that will be cost-free for you.
Other fees run from 2.5% commission to 10 %, depending on size, time and what we believe needs to be done. To a fixed price for our smaller projects where we premake a project that can be transferred into a company that can start from day one making money.

We have 15 years in the market and we specialize in Real Estate, connections, venture & new development, and shipping.  As of 2018 we now search the Scandinavian market for new partners to work with, we always need to expand to keep up with the market. Are you in the position and want to talk more with us about how we can work together? Ship us an email and tell us shortly about who you are and what you do.
Details on how we payout and share commision will be drafted individually in a contract made between us and you.

Read more about us on our webpage or call us today.
We are excited  to hear from you.